Digital Securities: Disrupting Capital Raising

Digital Securities facilitate tradability for private investments.

Finance on the Blockchain

2020 and 2021 have been very eventful years in the digital securities space

Digital Securities Issuance

  1. Issuer decides to raise capital, and presents its investment opportunity to the private market. They want better cap-table management and seamless access to secondary markets.
  2. Regulated Broker-Dealer creates digital securities that represent the issuer’s offering. These can be issued on a private chain until secondary trading becomes available.
  3. Investors can buy, and subsequently trade private securities on secondary markets. These markets are more interconnected, since the securities sit on a distributed ledger.
This is the type of data anyone can see on a public blockchain (such as Ethereum)

Trading Digital Securities

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Co-Founder & CEO, Altas One Digital Securities

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Atlas One Digital Securities

Atlas One Digital Securities

Co-Founder & CEO, Altas One Digital Securities

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